Retraining the Village
Palo Alto : 650-461-0433
Madera: 559-598-1632
Hours: 8:00 am- 6:00 pm

Retraining The Village
Office: 650-461-0433

Phone: 650.461.0433 
Phone: 559.598.1632

We provide a clean and sober living environment. Our Hybrid home is an emergency shelter for Veterans and Community Males that encourage a healthy living and the basic essentials to become a positive and productive person.

We take pride in treating our participants with dignity and respect.

Our Job Training Classes are in the hybrid home. Our pilot programs will inspire our participants to become gainfully employed within 4-6 moths.

Retraining the Village will collaborate with educators and Innovated non- profits and local community colleges and University that have the same focus for our participants and want to see our Veterans/Males Excel.

Retraining the Village Presents Hybrid H.O.M.E located in Madera, California We are an Emergency Shelter for Homeless Veterans.

 Mission: is to  house 100 Veterans in the Central Valley by 2019.  A  collective effort of  resources in the communities of Fresno/Madera counties will assist in the mission to permanently house Veterans and provide the services that are needed.

Vision:  To provide on-site JOB TRAINING and housing in same location. We will offer entry level construction classes, Computer learning skills, Workplace behavioral skills and Math classes to our participants. RTV is innovated unique strategic plan is to provide these on- site services to the community.

Services Offered:

0-4 weeks

  • Immediate Shelter
    • Sober Living Environment
  • Intake assessment
  • Case by Case Management
  • Introduction to Computer Cert.
  • Groups
  • 4c's  Groups
4-6 weeks
  • Job Training
  • Job Placement
  • New Beginnings (Workplace Mannerism
6-8 weeks
  • Financial Readiness
  • Credit Repair
  • Family reunification