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We are a transitional housing service

In the Bay Area based on the premise that people are empowered through the efforts of the village.

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the possiblities of change by becoming stabilized in a home-like environment


positive behavioral conduct


mindsets to employment, permanent housing, family reunification, and independence.

“It takes a village to change one person at a time”

Halley Irene Crumb

Founder & CEO @Retraining the village

Halley Irene Crumb - Founder and CEO of Retraining The Village
Retraining The Village - Uniting for Social Impact with Halley Crumb, Founder and CEO

Retraining the Village began in the heart of it’s Founder,
Halley Irene Crumb, in 2014

As a Medical Technologist for the Department of Veterans Affairs, Halley had the opportunity to work closely with homeless veterans for over 10 years. During her time at the VA, she recognized that many of the veterans whom she was serving were not only facing dual-diagnosis, but also homelessness. Halley noticed that their will to live and desire for a better lifestyle had gone to the wayside.This attitude was similar to the one that she had witnessed among homeless individuals in her own community.

Halley founded Retraining the Village in 2014 to serve as the bridge between homelessness and permanent housing

for veterans, the homeless, formerly incarcerated individuals, and their families.

The organization provides transitional housing, career training, and mental & behavioral health support for people in the community, guiding individuals to reach milestones and thrive.

Halley believes that helping all homeless individuals should begin with genuine concern and a kind gesture. The organization is centered around rekindling the feeling of hoping for the best, and inviting hope for a brighter future. Through Retraining the Village’s actions of caring and support, seeds of hope were emerging in the community!

Retraining The Village - Empowering Homeless Individuals with Compassionate Support

Meet our team

Halley Crumb

Halley Crumb

Founder and CEO

Longtime resident of East Palo Alto and San Mateo, Halley founded RTV in 2014 after retiring from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Emma Bigge

Emma Bigge


Emma is the VP of Community Lending and Diverse Markets at Bank of the West Northern CA.

Theresa Johnson

Theresa Johnson


Theresa is a CCAPP drug counselor and a Mental Health Specialist who has over 20 years of experience in counseling.

Suresh Nair

Suresh Nair

Chief Financial Officer

Suresh has been in the banking industry since 2006, and is currently Vice President and Banking Center Manager at Comerica Bank

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