Retraining the Village
Palo Alto : 650-461-0433
Madera: 559-598-1632
Hours: 8:00 am- 6:00 pm

Retraining The Village
Office: 650-461-0433

Phone: 650.461.0433 
Phone: 559.598.1632

Retraining the Village serves as a Bridge of Hope from Homelessness to Home.  

Retraining the Village is a transitional housing program for homeless individuals.  Our philosophy is based on the premise that it takes a community effort--the "Village"--to help in the plight against homelessness.  As an independent non-profit, our part is to bridge the gap between living in a homeless shelter to independent living by offering the stabilization of a safe, home environment.

--we rekindle the feeling of "Hoping for the Best"-- 

--we encourage becoming "Hopeful for Change"--

--we invite "Hope for a Brighter Future"--

Retraining the Village is dedicated to:

  • Providing a clean, stable living space on a case-by-case basis for individuals capable of living alone but needing a minimal amount of supervision.
  • Promoting a Clean & Sober lifestyle within a holistic H.O.M.E (Helping Our Men Excel) setting.
  • Offering Healthy Meals, Laundry, PG&E,  Cable TV and WiFi. 
  • Offering support services, including: mental health and behavioral programs, case management, and family reunification.
Retraining the Village management and staff understand that ending homelessness first starts by acknowledging our duty to serve homeless individuals not only with housing and skills training, but also with "Consideration, Consistency, Confidence and Contentedness".  This 4c's approach is extended into the next step which is locating permanent housing solutions through HUD/HUDVASH programs.  

Our Mission Statement - Retraining The Village is a supportive housing service based on the premise that people are empowered through the efforts of the Village. Without this realization, change cannot happen.  Ending homelessness is addressed by our duty to serve, educate, and house Veterans and other individuals through Intimate Social Groups.  This is accomplished by the consideration, consistency, confidence and contentedness of our superb staff and management team.


Available support services:

  • -Immediate Shelter
  • - Re-Entry Housing 
  • -Behavioral Health
  • -Mental Health
  • -Permanent Supportive Housing


We offer a hand up.