It takes a village to change one person at a time

Our Mission:

  • Reintroduce – the possibilities of change by becoming stabilized in a home-like environment
  • Reignite – positive behavioral conduct
  • Redirect – mindsets to employment, permanent housing, family reunification, and independence
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Transitional Housing

Providing transitional housing for previously incarcerated men, veterans in need, and individuals recovering from drug addiction

two men hugging out front of a home in a local East Palo Alto neighborhood

Mental & Behavioral Health

Providing re-entry support to Help Our Men Excel (H.O.M.E.)

Medication assistant addiction recovery treatment through the Back To Basics program offered by Retraining the Village dot org

Addiction Recovery

Providing medication-assisted therapy, and transitional housing for individuals overcoming opioid and other drug addictions

Job Training

Support for career certification, increased income, and independence.

Giving a helping hand for our people!

Retraining the Village has a success rate of 86%


Man & Families Serves


Jobs Provided





We prepare our clients with

The skills and tools they need to excel and thrive.

As a bridge between homelessness and permanent housing, the non-profit was started by Halley Crumb, who had worked as a Medical Technologist for the VA for over 10 years.

Retraining the Village opened in 2012

in a dramatically renovated home at
2399 Menalto Ave in East Palo Alto, California.

Trusted by the biggest brands

Platinum Donor

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Our Partners

Art Taylor

Chief Program Officer

“We are thrilled to be a part of this innovative opportunity to transform the lives of individuals returning from Bay Area prisons and county jails (AB 109). This letter demonstrates my full support of the RTV Reentry Program and commitment to continue supporting the achievement of the proposed outcomes.”

Jacob Kemnec

Site Director, VRC – Menlo Park, CA

“I am truly inspired by the work you have done and your vision for the future of your program. I know that you will have a lasting impact on our community!”

Your contributions make an immediate impact on the families we serve!

Our Client Testimonials

“Thank you Halley for coming to get me out of a garage before the home was foreclosed on, without you I would not have my own place. I had been living in a shared environment for over 20 years, did not have my full benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs, and now retire with full benefits.
You changed my life and now I am in North Carolina for the first time in 40 years. When my father died you was there, it was nice to come back for the 4th of July after 4 years of living independent in my very first apartment. Thank you Retraining the Village!”

Jacob Kemnec

Site Director, VRC – Menlo Park, CA

“Thank you for housing me, I aged out of my drug program and I did not want to live in the streets. Thank you Retraining the Village for sheltering me while I was working on getting permanent housing.”

Jacob Kemnec

“On 09/27/2019 I got to meet the Santa Cruz Warriors Head Coach, Aaron Miles, and sit and talk with him. Thank you, Retraining the Village, especially Halley Crumb, for this God sent opportunity to speak with Coach Miles, meet E-40, and get a job at the local Garden Supermarket.”


“I was incarcerated in 2018 and released October 2020. With prayer, faith, and just trying to do everything I can to better myself and please God and not man, Retraining the Village with Halley Crumb 100% came through for me. RTV got me to one of their homes in East Palo Alto and the rooms were furnished. Everything was supplied for us: food, clothes, you name it.
I got employed immediately, less than a month after I was released from prison. I was going to Church every Sunday. A little after six months later, I was eligible for probation release! I just wanted to share that with you all because what Halley Crumb is doing here with Retraining the Village is nothing short of complete blessings.”


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Latest Blogs & News

Grand Re-Opening of Retraining The Village in East Palo Alto, CA

Grand Re-Opening of Retraining The Village in East Palo Alto, CA

Reentering society after incarceration is a challenging journey, especially for men who face numerous barriers and stigmas. However, with the right support and opportunities, they have the power to transform their lives and become valued contributors to society.

Overcoming Addiction and Rebuilding Lives: The Journey Starts With Retraining the Village

Overcoming Addiction and Rebuilding Lives: The Journey Starts With Retraining the Village

The overdose epidemic sweeping across the United States has created an urgent and critical need for effective addiction recovery programs. The devastating impact of substance abuse and overdose deaths has left families shattered, communities in distress, and individuals trapped in a seemingly never-ending cycle of addiction. Retraining the Village 501(c)(3) recognizes the gravity of this crisis and the pressing need for comprehensive support and resources.