Narcan in Californian’s Hands Saves Lives as Fentanyl-Related Deaths Continue to Rise

Fentanyl-Related Deaths on the Rise in California

Fentanyl is a killer! In the year 2022, California witnessed the highest number of fentanyl-related deaths in the United States, tragically losing nearly 6,500 lives. This alarming statistic sheds light on the severity of the fentanyl crisis that has gripped the nation.

One of the most concerning aspects of this crisis is that fentanyl can be found in various forms. Not only is it present in prescription painkillers, but it is also frequently found in illicit drugs like heroin, cocaine, meth, and molly. This means that individuals who think they are consuming one substance may unknowingly be ingesting a deadly dose of fentanyl.

What makes fentanyl particularly dangerous is its potency. Shockingly, it only takes two milligrams of fentanyl to be lethal. To put this into perspective, that’s roughly equivalent to ten grains of table salt. Such a small amount can easily go unnoticed and unsuspecting users may inadvertently put themselves at risk of a fatal overdose.

Fentanyl abuse is the biggest killer out of all the drugs known to be lethal.

Narcan In Everyone’s Hands Saves Lives!

The good news is that there is a lifesaving solution available for those at risk of a fentanyl overdose: Narcan nasal spray. Narcan is an opioid antagonist that can quickly reverse the effects of an overdose, potentially saving a person’s life. It is crucial to have Narcan readily accessible, especially if you or someone you know could be exposed to fentanyl.

Obtaining Narcan is easier than you might think. Many local health departments offer free Narcan distribution programs. By simply reaching out to your local health department, you can obtain this life-saving medication at no cost.

“Narcan in everyone’s hands, saves lives!” – Halley Crumb, Founder of Retraining The Village

The fentanyl epidemic is claiming lives at an alarming rate, with California experiencing the highest number of deaths in the United States. The danger lies in the fact that fentanyl can be present in both prescription and illicit drugs, making it a hidden killer. However, with the availability of Narcan nasal spray, we have a powerful tool to combat this crisis. Be proactive and keep Narcan on hand. 

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Note: This public service announcement is paid for by Retraining The Village, an nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness and providing resources to combat the fentanyl crisis.

Image of Narcan Nasal Spray

November 13, 2023

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