Transforming Lives: Retraining the Village’s Unique Approach to Recovery

In the heart of California, a nonprofit called Retraining the Village is quietly making a monumental impact by offering whole-person care in a residential setting. The core philosophy is simple yet profound: It takes a village to change one life at a time.

Many who find their way to Retraining the Village are in desperate need of hope and stability. They come from backgrounds scarred by addiction, homelessness, previous incarceration, and despair, and they are searching for a way out. This is where Retraining the Village becomes their beacon of light.

What sets Retraining the Village apart is its comprehensive approach to recovery, which offers not just healing but a genuine transformation. The program creates an environment that feels like home, providing clients with the safety and stability they need to focus on their recovery and rehabilitation.

A Home-Like Setting

The importance of a “home-like” setting cannot be overstated. It’s a warm bed, a hearty meal, and a sense of belonging that provides the foundation for a new beginning. This transitional housing, where clients receive meals and a comfortable place to sleep, is the first step towards rebuilding lives.

In the words of one program participant, Luis Sandoval, “In the future I see for myself, I’m sure I’ll have my kids back and my place.” Luis’s testimony reflects the hope that Retraining the Village instills in its clients. Their “whole person” approach ensures that individuals can rebuild their lives piece by piece.

A Comprehensive Approach to Recovery

Retraining the Village recognizes that each client is unique and needs personalized support. This is why their program offers a range of services tailored to individual needs.


  • Mental Health Support: The program provides both peer support and professional counseling, addressing not only the physical but also the emotional aspects of recovery. Healing the mind is as crucial as healing the body.


  • Medication Assistance: Proper balance, mentally and physically, is essential to recovery. Retraining the Village ensures that clients receive the necessary medication assistance to achieve this balance.


  • Job Preparedness: Building a brighter future often means gaining employment and financial independence. The program offers job training, computer classes, and job placement assistance to empower clients with the skills they need for a fresh start.


  • Pet Therapy: The unconditional love and support of furry friends play a pivotal role in the recovery journey. Pet therapy, provided at Retraining the Village, offers emotional healing and a sense of companionship.

The Bridge

Retraining the Village serves as the vital bridge between homelessness and permanent housing. While this journey is anything but easy, the program recognizes that every small step leads to significant change.

In the words of CEO and founder Halley Crumb: “We train the village, and it takes a village to change one person at a time.” 

Retraining the Village embodies this collective spirit, bringing together individuals, professionals, and communities to make a difference.

Transforming Lives

Men who have completed the program report an astounding 86% success rate in staying substance-free, employed, and permanently housed. These numbers speak to the life-altering impact that Retraining the Village has on those who dare to seek help.

However, this remarkable program aspires to do even more. Retraining the Village is working tirelessly to raise $5 million to build affordable apartments in Central and Northern California for those who qualify and graduate from their program. The goal is to provide a stable and permanent housing solution for those who’ve successfully transitioned from homelessness to recovery.

Retraining the Village is an incredible testament to the strength of the human spirit. It shows that with the right support, even the most vulnerable individuals can rebuild their lives, heal their hearts, and regain their independence. As we continue to transform lives, Retraining the Village is creating a ripple effect of hope and change in the lives of those who need it most.

November 27, 2023

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